Lucie Van Damme is a young entrepreneur from Brussels, and the creator of Slurp Co.


She studied art and then marketing.

She is trained for years in different companies, her curiosity pushes her to touch all areas (fashion, cinema, hospitality, ...).

It is at the end of her studies that she creates her blog, and develops a particular interest for social networks and marketing influence.

She directs her internship and her thesis on this subject (we are in 2010).

In 2015, Lucie took over the social networks of a well-known hotel / restaurant in the capital.

In a short time, the account explodes, and the results are also felt at the business level.

It is at this moment that Lucie realizes that this is what she wants to do: take care of social networks for the food and drinks sector.

She then works for three years as an independent, specializing in her field, but also traveling around the world, with the idea of ​​finding innovative ideas and finding new trends to bring back to her different customers in Belgium.


Slurp Co finally sees the day at the end of 2018, and becomes the first company specialized in social networks of the food & drinks sector in Brussels.

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