Lucie specialized in social networks 10 years ago.

She focused her final internship on the development of a Brussels establishment thanks to social networks and the first Belgian bloggers (the concept was then completely innovative).

In 2015, she took over the social networks of a well-known hotel / restaurant and increased the number of followers from less than 100 to 2000 in just 6 months. And the customers follow.

With this experience, and following her years managing her own social networks and advising her friends and acquaintances, she finally decides to start her own business in 2017.

Realizes very quickly that people who need social networks sometimes want to be able to manage them themselves. That's how the idea of ​​giving Masterclasses is born.

The idea of ​​learning and sharing his knowledge is something he likes a lot.


Although Slurp Co is now specialized in the HORECA sector, the training courses are aimed at all sectors.


You will be given the keys to analyze your networks, and to promote them as well as possible thanks to the marketing tools.


We will also be there to answer any questions you have on social networks.

(Warning: we are not specialized in sponsoring post on social networks, even if we talk about it during Masterclass)

Nous donnons des formations de groupes mais également privées sur demande, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter par mail pour plus d'informations.


promote your business with instagram

This training has been very successful since it was launched in 2017.

Lucie gave it to all types of profiles and different areas, and the results have always been excellent.

Here we give you all the basics and we give you all our "tricks" to attract the interest of your target via your social networks.

But also:

  • When to post?

  • What to post?

  • The importance of stories?

  • Hashtag

And many other things.

As a result of this training you will be completely able to manage your own social networks as a pro!

time : 2-3H

how to become community manager

This masterclass trains the Community Manager of tomorrow.

It mainly targets Community Managers who want to work independently (and have multiple clients).

The first part is based on the training "Promote your business on Instagram" because the goal is to learn to put customers' business in value and attract their targets through social networks (mainly Instagram).

The second part will learn how to organize, give the best planning tools, learn how to find new customers, and all the necessary tips for everyday life.

time : a day

photo's workshop

It's a little extra that we decided to propose. We take you on one or two shoots and we show you how to shoot on the spot, in the places of our customers. Without having a studio or equipment. You will be shown what kind of photos work well on social networks, how to do staging and styling.

time : 1h30 - 2h

influencer marketing

In this Masterclass we will teach you

the secrets of the profession (or the passion) of the influencers.

But also bloggers, and you learn the difference between the two.

Topics will include:

  • How to target the influencers for his brand?

  • How to contact them?

  • How to establish a good collaboration?

  • Should we pay the influencers?

  • How to know and calculate the returns that we will have?

  • How to tell the difference between "real" and "false"

  • When should a blogger be called and when should an influencer be called?


Of course we will answer any questions you have.

Small bonus: we will look together 2/3 ideas of influencers that correspond to your brand / product / service and this for each participant!

time : 3H

private and personalized trainings

We give private and personalized training according to your needs and requests.

For more information

I followed yesterday a formation

"social networks" with Lucie ..

I admit I was skeptical enough ..

We always think we have enough info and no need of others !!

I am totally deceived .. It was even essential this kind of training and at all levels!

Finally I learned a lot in a short time and valuable advice to improve my communication and avoid some nonsense! Thank you Lucie for your professionalism! It was clear and pleasant to follow!

- Fiona Abiad -

We used Lulu in March to help us make (good) com for our restaurant.

The feeling is right now, what a dynamic nana, passionate about his job and the universe food!

A bit crazy in her spare time but who knew how to give us a way to follow while listening to us and respecting our preferences and our tastes (the essential, is not it?)

She did more than help us in the com, she was able to put her finger on things that were not as good (decoration, style and formulation of cards ...) and helped us to solve all that!

And by the way we were treated to some nice restaurant addresses

She is super available, good advice and hyper invested, it was a real pleasure to meet her and work with her! I could only tell you to go for work with it!

Thank you Lulu !

- Seb and Celine -

Anarchy restaurant