community management

We take over your social media (for the food, beverage & hospitality industry only). We take the pictures and post them using the right and targeted hashtag for your business. We will reach to your ideal target and bring interest and followers to your different social media (we focus on Facebook page & Instagram). We also make stories, either backstage videos or make graphic and good looking content to give interesting informations to your followers (where your product come from, your menus,…) We also manage comments and messages on a daily basis.

 food consultancy

We can EAT! Or more precisely, help you with your menu. We travel around the world to discover new up and coming trends in the food & cocktail industry, but also, we like to discover the roots of our clients. Either it’s Vietnamese and eating in the streets of Saigon, or the Sicilian street food, we like to know what we talk about. And that way, we can help you improve your menu, bring new ideas, or help with interesting platings.


Yes it’s now official, we are happy to add press relations to our activities. It took months of thinking, of figuring everything out, of creating good press relations, of learning, of trying,… We just figured it was a very big piece missing from the global offer we want to give to our clients. When we work on a big project for a client, changing menus, decorations, visual identity, we want to be able to have it shining on press articles. But social medias stays our core business, we’re just adding more options for our clients to make their communication more global. We’re not becoming a PR agency and we have our own way of working and we’re loving this new challenge! Our last press campaigns went super well, such as @laluckbrussels and @cipiacebar.


Since @lucievd created Slurp Co, the idea was to work on the global project (not just social media). That’s why we include food consulting (see previous post) but also the looks of the restaurant, the logo, the menu,… Since Emma joined the team, we are now able to include that in our offer. Yes we can create logos, menus, flyers, and much more. With social media, every details has its importance, as we want to drag people to taking picture of your place (restaurant/bar/hotel). When the menu is good looking, you have more chance of people including it in their photos on social media, and it’s a way to brand the pictures very easily with your logo directly on it! Here in the examples, we made the menu for @marcelle.knokke or the wall menu (and paper menu) for @g_spud.


We help you reach your target and grow your social media by targeting the right influencers and bloggers. It has been one of Slurp Co’s core business since the very beginning of the company. @lucievd has been blogging since 10 years, and knows that sector like no one else! She has experience and knows how to talk or how to create the best collaborations between bloggers/influencers and brands. We create collaborations for our clients, but also for other businesses, even if they are not in the Food & Drinks industry. We select the best bloggers & influencers for your company, create the collaboration and take care of the follow up.


We can shoot! We take pictures for our clients but we can also organise shootings for your business (we stay again in the food, beverage & hospitality industry). If you need pictures for your social media (but manage it yourself), for an ad campaign, for the Press, for about anything, we’re here.



We can organise events.

An opening party with press and influenceurs, cosy and more intimate dinners, set up weekly happenings in your establishment, we’ll discuss it and and organise together. We always do our best to make events that represent you the best, so each and everyone of them is always very different.
It’s a great plus for your company, it will help it shine on social media and in the press.

Lucie Van Damme has been giving Masterclasses and private trainings for years now. She started with « How to promote your business on social media yourself » because she realised that sometimes people want to manage the social media for their own business or sometimes because they don’t have the budget to pay someone else. Since the beginning the training is a big success, and for once it’s not only dedicated to the food & beverage industry. It can be for any type of business. Lately we’ve been focusing more on private trainings, but we will give more group trainings and masterclasses soon. The last masterclass we created is on how to work with influencers. Stay tuned !